28 Mar 2009

Digging Deep into History – My First Tweet

Posted by khk

I’ve been using Twitter more over the last few weeks – this is pretty obvious when you take a look at the graph from TwitterCounter.com:


Once I started to tweet more, my follower count went up.

While playing around with different Twitter tools, I came across MyTweet16.com, which allows you to display the first 16 tweets of any Twitter user. I of course was curious about what I had to say when I first signed up for my account.

What I found was pretty interesting: For my very first tweet, I did not use any of the “normal” ways to use Twitter: It was not the web interface or any of the established Twitter clients – instead, I used a program that I wrote myself. I completely forgot about that. Who else can say that they tweeted first with something they created (besides Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey, the founders of Twitter)?

I used the book Creating Mashups with Adobe Flex and AIR (Friends of Ed Abobe Learning Library) to get some exposure to Flex, and the first few examples in the book are about using the Twitter API.

So, without any further ado, here is my first tweet (copy&pasted from MyTweet16.com:

Playing with Flex for the first time (that's how I twittered this). 12:33 PM Jun 3rd 2008

I actually singed up for Twitter just to use these examples.

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