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SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM (11/12/2006)

If you sent me email, and I did not respond, it’s very likely that your mail got lost in the flood of SPAM I’m getting. Here is a little chart that shows how I’ve been getting more and more and more spam messages.

Chart of the number of spam emails I'm receiving - about 450 per day right now

What, no updates?

As you may have noticed, I’m not updating this site on a regular basis anymore. I just don’t have the time, there are more important things in my life. My priorities have shifted, and as of lately, my job just takes up too much time.

Recent Change (08/04/04)

The best source for technical information on the Internet is Check it out. And if you have a question about Adobe Acrobat, I might even be able to help you out in the Adobe Acrobat TA.

For a while now I have a Mac (actually two: a Titanium PowerBook 1Ghz and an old Beige G3), so chances are that you will see some more Mac related information on these pages. For now, if you are looking for good deals on Mac stuff, check out

(Not so) Recent Change (6/8/03)

If you are a regular on this site, you may remember the web hosting problems I had recently. Since then I switched providers. My site is now hosted by, which is run by a former colleague of mine. (… and no, I’m not getting anything for this plug)

Some Background Information

Finally I found some time to at least put all the information in one place. It’s not perfect, and it’s certainly not completed, but we’ll get there…

What is the stuff you can find here?

And of course you can also download my PGP public key from this site. In case you need my old key, it’s here.

I am listing all recent updates on an extra page.

See my development diary at Advogato.

That’s it, at least for now. If you did not find what you were looking for, just drop me a line and I’ll think about it. You can get in touch with me via email:

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