Posted by khk

XFree86 Configuration

Configuring XFree86 is pretty easy, compared to what you have to do on a desktop computer or any other laptop or notebook… At least if you download the correct server, that already comes with the configuration file set up so that you don’t have to configure anything besides installing the software, creating a link to the correct X server executable and hoping for the best.

I’ve searched the Internet for this perfect Xserver and found it on at RedHat: Just download the file XFCom-neomagic-libc5-2.0.0-1.i386.rpm (or the glibc version), install it. You can just copy the file /etc/X11/XF86Config.neomagic to /etc/XF86Config and start X11. However, if you want more from your X11 system than what the default cofiguration will give you, it’s time to start editing the XF86Config file (or just start up your XFree86 configuration tool). You can also just use my XF86Config file.

Now starting with XFree86 Version 3.3.3 this is all integrated into the standard SVGA server, so it should work right out of the box (if you have the correct configuration file).