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  • 2003-02-15: (Version 0.2.34) Fixed problem with “usb ” configuration.
  • 2001-11-11: (Version 0.2.15) All strings are now tagged with the Sane I18N macro. Experimental support for the scanner button. There is a new control in the frontend “Wait for Button”. When this switch is enabled, then the scanner will wait (after the scan process is started with the frontend scan button) until the scanner button is pressed. This frontend’s “Cancel” functionality will not work when this “wait for button” functionality is in waiting mode. It will work again once the button is pressed, and the scanner starts to send data. Fixed the check for scanners that need the color channel swapping. Should now also work for the Asian version of the Perfection 1640.
    I’ve again made available a RPM for SuSE 7.2 with the latest Sane release. Also added a link to EPSON Kowa’s backend for EPSON scanners to the main Sane page on this site.
  • 2001-05-25: (Version 0.2.07) Allow more than 8 bit color depth even for preview mode since Xsane can handle this. Some code cleanup. Removed ancient code that was used to determine the resolution back when the backend still had a slider for the resolution selection.
  • 2001-05-22: (Version 0.2.06 Added sense_handler to support the GT-8000 scanner. Thanks to Matthias Trute for figuring out the details. Also added experimental code to use USB scanner probing. You need a kernel patch for this. The patch is available from the download page.
  • 2001-05-19: (Version 0.2.05) fixed the year in the recent change log entries – I now that it’s 2001… Finally fixed the TPU problem with B4 level scanners
  • 2001-05-13: (Version 0.2.04) Removed check for ‘\n’ before end of line Free memory malloced in sane_get_devices() in sane_exit() again
  • 2001-04-22: (Version 0.2.03) Check first if the scanner does support the set film type and set focus position before the GUI elements are displayed. This caused problems with older (B4 level) scanners when a TPU was connected.
  • 2001-03-31: Looks like I finally got a good handle on the number of lines that I have to strip in the ‘color shuffle’ mode for the Perfection 610/640 scanners. It seems to be working correct now. Get the latest backend from the download page
  • 2001-03-03: I installed SuSE 7.1 last weekend and was pleased for the first time with their Sane support. They’ve distributed the latest Sane version 1.0.4 and they also have the USB support for all EPSON USB scanners. There is however just one small problem: Because of the code freeze for 1.0.4 I was not able to get my latest changes in. So here is a tar file for SuSE 7.1 that provides the latest backend that I released Xmas last year: Just uncompress and copy this file over the existing /usr/lib/sane/ library and enjoy the new features.
  • 2000-12-28: The IEEE-1394 interface on the high-end EPSON scanners is now supported: Check out my IEEE-1394 page
  • 2000-12-25: The bit depth selection is back in the CVS repository. There were some problems with the Perfection610 in bi-level mode, these are fixed now. Did some cleanup and added more comments to the code.
  • 2000-12-09: I just changed the version on the web site because of a but that was discovered shortly after I released the last version. If you were one of the “early-adopters” and your colors are all screwed up (on a Perfection1240) then please download this new version. It is possible that the Perfection1640 now has some problems, so I’m waiting for some feedback.
  • 2000-12-09: Fixed a problem introduced with the >8bit enhancement. Mike Porter fixed the user defined gamma tables for negative scanning. These enhancements are not in the CVS repository and the snapshots for SANE 1.0.4 because of the feature freeze. I will commit these changes as soon as the freeze is lifted.
  • 2000-12-02: The biggest change is that now scanners with more than 8bit color depth are fully supported. This means that e.g. the Expression1600 can be used with the full 36bit color information. However: This is not supported by e.g. the Gimp or xscanimage (and I’m pretty sure scanimage also does not support this). I tested this with xsane, which does support this. The Perfection1640 is not yet supported, there seems to be an image quality problem with this scanner, but I’m working on this.
    I also made some changes to the Perfection610/640 code, which should however not be visible to the user.
  • 2000-11-23: Added support for the Expression 1600. This scanner does allow to set the focus manually either on the glass surface, or 2.5mm above the glass. The output is still only 24bit, even though the scanner does support 36bit externally. I am working on this.
  • 2000-06-28: Fixed the bug when running scanimage -T: The scanner now recovers from this without any problems.
  • 2000-06-13: When scanning negatives the images are now inverted.
  • 2000-05-31: Added support for multiple EPSON scanners, now it’s possible to scan with two scanners at the same time – I tried it with my Perfection1200S and the Perfection610. I don’t know if it also works if you have to scanners on the same bus (SCSI or USB). The scanner internal color correction is now accessible through the SANE interface, it’s just not easy to come up with values that make sense… Some UI tweaks. And finally fixed the problem with the Perfection610: You may experience a few lines of “garbage” at the beginning and/or the end of the scan, but everything in between is correct.
  • 2000-03-27: Removed request for push button status. this caused problems with older scannes. Updated the desc file and fixed some typos.
  • 2000-03-22: Fixed a problem with the A4 function level scanners (GT-6500/ES-600c). Plus some minor code cleanup and fixes.
  • 2000-03-06: I would like to thank the EPSON Developer Relations department. They were very helpful and gave me access to command specifications. If you are in the market for a scanner take a good look at the EPSON scanners: I think that companies providing support for Linux projects should also be supported
  • 2000-03-06: I hope this finally gets rid of the occasional hang after the warmup phase. Some times (or most times, depending on who you ask 🙂 the warmup signal went away between the failed ESC G command and the following “get extended status” command. In these cases the backend did not re-issue the last command.
  • 2000-03-02: The Perfection 610 is now supported. This scanner is only available in a USB version.