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This page is pretty much obsolete: A number of links on this page do not work anymore.

Here are some useful links for the “Linux on Sony Notebook User”:

  • The first and most important link for notebook users is of course to the Linux Laptop-HOWTO and the second most important to the Linux on Laptops page.
  • The mobile-update daemon is a replacement for the standard update daemon. This version does not flush the disk when no other diskactivity is present. So it helps to keep the disk inactive, which with help from hdparm can lead to quite some energy conservation.
  • The hdparm utility can spin down the disk after a certain time of no disk activity.
  • The Linux USB site is the home of the new Linux Linux USB Project. On this page is a link to the linux-usb mailing list archive – just in case you want to find out how often the question “When do we have support for Logitech USB cameras in Linux?” was already answered…
  • The next generation of Power Management for Linux is on it’s way on the ACPI4Linux Page.
  • The Linux PCMCIA Information Page contains links to discussion boards about all aspects of PCMCIA and of course a link to the ftp site to get the latest PCMCIA package.
  • The Linux-IrDA Project has information about how to get the IrDA interface on your notebook to communicate with the rest of the world.
  • Just one more interface on the Sony PCG-505FX left that we have not yet covered: On the Linux IEEE-1394 Project and The Linux IEEE 1394 driver is information about the Firewire port.