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Hi, my name is Karl Heinz Kremer and this is my site.


I’ve always wanted to “play” around with blogging technology, and what better way than to dive right in by installing WordPress?


“I am a PDF Akrobat – I juggle your document needs” – no, there is no spelling error in “Akrobat” – that’s the German spelling.

I am a software engineer, or more precisely, I am an Adobe Acrobat plug-in developer – I write software that extends Adobe Acrobat or the PDF file format. I do business over at

For that I’m using Acrobat plug-ins, the Adobe PDF Library, or other 3rd party PDF librarires or frameworks.

I’ve passed my Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) test, I guess that shows that I have at least some knowledge of that technology. If you need help with Acrobat or PDF, check out the Acrobat area on – or, you can hire me: as an independent consultant or for permanent employment.


I’ve always had an interest in photography – that is, since my dad gave me his old brownie style box camera when I was about eight years old. I’ve done all the usual stuff like B&W processing in my (small, hot and dusty) closet and bathroom, slides, color negatives, digital, scanning, …This means that you will find pictures on my site. All of them are mine.

I do a lot other things like cooking, baking, building stuff… All that may end up on by blog.


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