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So here’s a question: What shall I do with all the other bits of information that do not fit in any of the other pages? I guess I need a page for miscelleneous:

  • The Z505 family of notebooks have winmodems, therefore there is no Linux support. Also the sound support is different from the “real” 505 family and people are having problems getting it to work. Again, that’s pretty much all I know aobut this. Check the newsgroups or the mailing list for more information.
  • All you Z505 owners: You can now have sound support under Linux. Thanks to Edi Weitz who sent the link to the 505 mailing list we now know of Glubber blarrgh lueggor, me mateys (no, my cats did not walk over my keyboard, at least not this time :-). This page descripes a kernel patch to get the Z505 sound working. As I said before: I only have the PCG-505FX, and therefore don’t really know how good this patch works. Read the disclaimer on the Glubber page and decide for yourself if you want to take this risk.