29 Mar 2009

My Moo Business Cards

Posted by khk

I needed business cards. The usual recommendation is to go with one of the free offers (e.g. VistaPrint or HP), but that’s not me…

I wanted cards that would not only show off some of my more creative side, but also cards that would stick out – figuratively and literally.

In the past, I’ve had the Moo mini cards, but they don’t make for good business cards because of the restricted space on them. I needed to fit more information on a card. Moo also makes business cards so I started to collect a few images that I wanted on the backs of my cards, and worked on the design.

When I received the cards in the mail, I was impressed with the print, but also the paper quality. The cards stick out for two reasons: They look great, and they are of a different size than the regular US business cards: They are a little wider, but not as tall (I use them in portrait orientation).

Take a look:

Moo Business Cards

Moo Business Cards

Because I don’t want late night calls from people I don’t know, I’ve removed part of my phone numbers, and my street address. The actual cards of course do contain that information.

Moo Business Cards

All the images that I’ve used are in my Moo set on Flickr.

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5 Responses to “My Moo Business Cards”

  1. I think they look great! But if its a non-standard size business card you may have to buy a customized business card holder for it.


    Print Matt

  2. Do you have any idea where we could find an application similar to Vista Print for creating cards online? We are primarily social occasion printers, and need a tool for our customers to be able to format online by choosing fonts, ink colors, layout, etc. The “template” would come up and customer could edit and send a print ready PDF. Thanks!



  3. I have wanted to get moo cards for awhile now. I like the smaller/skinnier ones. It’s all about marketing yourself and while having an odd sized card can require a larger holder, as referenced above, it also requires special handling by the receiver, which is, exactly the point.
    BTW, who uses Adobe applications via plug ins and why?



  4. I have the mini cards too, but they – when used as true business cards – may get lost. They are also smaller and of course cannot hold as much information.
    Adobe Acrobat is a powerful application, but it cannot do everything. Adobe allows 3rd party developers to extend it’s capabilities by creating plug-ins, so the “why?” is to enable a customer to have access to the full feature set of Acrobat, but on the other hand to also add your own functionality. 3rd party plug-ins are used in organizations that need to create for example “imposed’ documents, or work extensively with bookmarks, use advanced print pre-flighting technology, or … There are many reasons to go out and either buy an off-the-shelf plug-in or have a custom plug-in developed.



  5. I really love how moo let’s you print multiple designs per order, I hope you don’t mind but I used your card as an example and linked back here on my blog businesscards.biz


    Business Cards Biz

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