17 Jan 2013

New Posts Over at my Business Site

Posted by khk

Many of you come to this site because of the Adobe Acrobat and PDF related posts. I’ve moved all that to my business site at http://www.khkonsulting.com a while ago, but Google still likes to point searchers here. If you are not keeping up with what’s going on over there, here is some information about my recent posts:

Validating Field Content

A tutorial to validate field content with custom JavaScript validation scripts. 

The Trouble With the XREF Table

Information about how a corrupt XREF table will mess up a PDF file and how to debug XREF table problems. 

The End is Here – of ADM that is

Adobe has ended support for ADM (the Adobe Dialog Manager)  in Acrobat plug-ins. I’ve warned about this before, but now it actually happened. 

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