9 Nov 2009

Converting TweetDeck Groups Into Twitter Lists – This Time for Windows As Well (Updated)

Posted by khk

So, you’ve read my previous post and were bummed that the outlined procedure only worked for a Mac? I have good news for you. Here is an Adobe AIR application that can import your TweetDeck Groups into Twitter as lists:

TwitterListImporter.air [Update: See the note at the end of this post]

Download the application and install it. Because you already have TweetDeck (why else would you run this app‽‽‽) it’s not necessary to install the AIR runtime system. Once you start the application, you need to provide the path to the TweetDeck database file. The application will open the directory where you can then manually select the correct directory. In the directory that’s shown, locate a directory that starts with “TweetDeckFast” followed by a string of letters and numbers. Make sure you pick the directory, on the Mac there is also a plist file with the same name in that directory.

Once you’ve double-clicked on that directory, you will see a directory called “Local Store”, in which you will find the actual database file. It will start with “td_”, will contain your Twitter username and will end with “.db”. Select that file.

After specifying your Twitter username and password, just click on the “Convert” button and watch the show. After the application is done, you should have new Twitter lists with the members of your TweetDeck groups.

If you want to make any groups private, you need to do that on the Twitter web site.

Update – Note: When you download the file to a Windows system, the file may be named TwitterListImporter.zip instead of TwitterListImporter.air. Just rename the file. Windows is changing the extension – as far as I know, for no good reason.

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11 Responses to “Converting TweetDeck Groups Into Twitter Lists – This Time for Windows As Well (Updated)”

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  2. After I unzip the indicated file I don’t get a .AIR file I get a .SWF file and running it gives me nothing but a blue screen. Are you sure you have the filenames correct and everything?


    Lee Drake

  3. Drake,
    the linked file is already an .air file – when I click on it on my Mac, the AIR installer is kicking in and offering to install the file. Can you just download the file and double-click on it? What OS are you using?



  4. I get an error message when I run the app:

    The ordinal 345 could not be located in the dynamic link library COMCTL32.dll

    I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate


    Thomas Ho

  5. I got your app to work. THANKS SO MUCH!


    Thomas Ho

  6. Do you know what caused the problem?



  7. Worked like a charm! Thank you very much for the information.


    Bruce Bortle

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  9. Worked perfectly!
    Only question I might have is why i had 2 “TweetDeckFast” directories followed by different numbers and letters..

    Thnx over ‘n over again för your utility!



  10. You might have had different versions of Tweetdeck installed over time, and the old one did not get removed. Did both of them contain a database file? I would have used the newer one.



  11. Yes, there where .db files in both. I renamed the first converted groups om twitter and did the same with the second .db.
    Then I compared and deleted the older one.
    Of course I did _not_ think of the .db file dates 😉

    Thx mate!

    Merry Christmas from Sweden!!