29 Jun 2008

Don’t forget the eggs! Don’t forget the eggs! Shoot – I forgot the eggs…

Posted by khk

I have a bag of corn meal that I use to bake pizza, so that it comes off the peel without sticking. What else can you do with corn meal? Hmmm… There is this recipe for corn meal pancakes right on the bag. So let’s see what I need… OK, I’m out of baking soda (I guess I made to many pretzels lately), but I can probably get by without, there is enough baking powder in the recipe so that it should not matter that much. I don’t have buttermilk, but I have saco cultured Buttermilk Blend, so that’s not a problem either. Other than that, I have everything: corn meal, flour, eggs, oil, salt.

By replacing the buttermilk with the dry stuff, I have to modify the recipe a bit, and I keep telling myself: Don’t forget the eggs!

The batter is done, I start baking the pancakes, and I start noticing that they are not quite the way I imagined them… But I manage to get nicely brown pancakes after a while. While I bake the last batch it hits me: I forgot the eggs. Doh!

But, there is not much that a bit of fresh fruit and a lot of maple syrup cannot fix:

Corn Meal Pancakes

The pancakes were a bit flat (flatter than your usual pancake or Kansas), but once soaked in maple syrup quite tasty. But I guess next time I’ll remember the eggs…

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