6 Aug 2007

George Eastman House Promotes Ansel Adams Exhibit – “Ansel Rocks”

Posted by khk

The George Eastman House gave out 100 T-shirts to advertise for their “Ansel Adams – Celebration of Genius” exhibit – to wear at the Park Ave Festival last weekend in Rochester, NY. I picked mine up on Thursday, and proudly wore it on Sunday when I did my walk up and down Park Ave.


I only noticed one other “Ansel Rocks” T-shirt during my two relatively early hours at the festival (from about 11am ’til 1pm) – I guess the crowd that frequents the GEH stayed up late, hanging out at the famous Park Ave parties…

The organizers of this event created a Flickr photo group for pictures of the shirts. I took a few pictures of my reflection in various mirrors I found along Park Ave.

If you have not yet seen the show, go to the Eastman House, it’s well worth the admission, or – even better – become a member and get in for free. You have until September 3rd. I’ve seen it three times so far, and I will definitely go back.

Fellow blogger ljc has some information about the same event.

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