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19 Oct 2009

AnyBizSoftware PDF To PowerPoint Converter – Free Today – Expired!

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Converting PDF documents to PowerPoint presentations is probably not something you need every day. I think I needed it once when the original PowerPoint file of a presentation I needed to give was no longer available, but the PDF file created from that presentation was. I did not have access to AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter back then, so a lot of copy&pasting took place.

Today you can download a free version of that software from GiveAwayOfTheDay.com. I’ve played around with the application a little, and it really does what it promises: PDF elements get converted to editable PowerPoint page elements.

Here is a list of the key features of AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter:

  1. Convert PDF files to PPT presentations quickly and accurately
  2. Retain all the layouts, images, and hyperlinks in the output documents
  3. Produce an editable and dynamic PPT presentation with a few clicks
  4. Convert up to 200 PDF files at the same time
  5. Support Office 2010 and Windows 7

I cannot vouch for the last two list items, but I know that it worked for up to seven files, and that all the other claims are true. If you think you’ll ever need to convert a PDF file to PowerPoint, give AnyBizSoft PDF Converter a try – and if you do it (download and activate) today from GiveAwayOfTheDay.com it will not even cost you a dime.

3 Aug 2009

Is Microsoft Behind This?!?

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Amazon.com sent me an email yesterday, informing me that Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is available for pre-order. Because I have more than one Mac, I’m of course interested in the family pack for up to five computers. When I visited the page on Amazon, I was surprised to see what customers bought after visiting that page:


That looks very suspicious… My first thought was that Microsoft might be behind that, doing some “optimization” behind Amazon’s back. Just to be sure that it was not just a fluke, I visited the site again today, and the numbers are still the same.

24 Jul 2009


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Now that the Small show is over, it’s time for a new exhibit at the High Falls Gallery: The Abstraction show is about to open.


Join the artists for the opening this Sunday, 07/26/2009 from 3 to 6pm.

Here is a link to the flyer in PDF format: ag abs109 invite 1up.pdf

22 Jul 2009

Worldwide Photo Walk 2009 – Rochester, NY

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I know, it’s a few days too late… Last Saturday was the 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk.

Leader of the pack
(Thanks to Michele for taking this picture).

I led the walk in Rochester, NY, and the fruits of our 3 hours of walking around downtown Rochester can be seen here:

All Flickr images tagged with WorldwidePhotoWalkRochesterNY2009

The Flickr group for participants of the Rochester walk.

As far as I know, everybody had fun – at least until the rain started. It was not too bad: It rained for a about 10 minutes, but we lost a few people during and after that little break.
Let’s do this again next year.

22 Jun 2009

Remember the Small Show?

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If you haven’t been to the High Falls Gallery to see the Small Show, there is still a chance: It is open until July 11th.

The next time you are in or around downtown Rochester you may want to consider stopping by to look at a few pictures. The art work is small (hence the name), so it should not take too long 🙂

The next show – titled “Abstract” – will open on July 26th and is running through September 11th. I submitted three of my images, so I’ll be at the opening. Do you want to join me?

20 Jun 2009

Teaching Adobe Reader a Few New Tricks

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Have you ever tried to fill a PDF form in Adobe Reader and to then save that filed document to your hard disk? Did it work? Chances are that it did not.

Have you ever thought about why the Adobe Reader is called “Reader”? The answer is pretty obvious, it’s because it is only reading and displaying (and printing) PDF files – that is, it is not writing them. That also includes that it will not save a modified document. You would need the “Adobe Writer” – or “Adobe Acrobat” as it is called for that.

But regardless of the name, we can “trick” the Reader into writing a filled form to the disk. OK, it’s not really a trick, Adobe did implement this feature, so it’s official, and we are not hacking or cracking anything.

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10 Jun 2009

Getting Your Groups out of Nambu (Update)

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Update: If you are running the new Nambu 1.2 and are fed up with all the bugs, the SQL commands you need are slightly different. I’ll list them at the end. We now return to our regularly scheduled program…

A while ago I switched from TweetDeck to Nambu (via a few other stops in between). At fist I loved it, then I got used to it’s quirks, and now I’d like to move to something that actually works most of the time… Why is it so hard to write a good Twitter client?!?

Sorry, that rant wasn’t planned, it just happened… Let’s get back on track: As you may remember, a few days ago I posted instructions about how to extract group information from TweetDeck. Now that I’m considering ditching Nambu, I need a way to do the same with that application.

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9 Jun 2009

Acrobat/PDF Tip: Converting a Document to PDF

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Have you ever needed a PDF version of a document, but you either did not have the correct source application (e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint, …), or you didn’t have access to a PDF converter (even though the free PrimoPDF is just a mouse click away). Or, did somebody email you a PowerPoint presentation, but you don’t have access to PowerPoint? But you do have access to a PDF viewer (either the free Adobe Reader, or Preview.app on the Mac). How would you convert a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document to PDF?

Google Docs to the rescue! Did you know that Google Docs can import a number of standard file formats into it’s word processor, spread sheet and presentation applications? Once you have imported your document, you just select to print… That’s it. Oh, I probably should explain that Google converts your document to PDF for printing purposes and then downloads that PDF to your computer. So just open that PDF file, and there is your document, now converted to a portable, easy to open file.

6 Jun 2009

Can You Find Love On Twitter?

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Have you heard about Radaroo.com? It’s a dating service on Twitter. They’ve been on Twitter for almost two months now, so it’s time to check how successful they are. Unfortunately they don’t offer any statistics about how many first dates/relationships/breakups/marriages they’ve “caused”, but at least we know that currently 144 singles are signed up – that’s world wide.

I guess the chances that you will find a compatible date on Twitter are pretty slim, at least if you are using Radaroo.

The idea is pretty straight forward: You post a short description of yourself, including what you are looking for and ideas for the first date. Remember, we are on Twitter, so this all has to happen within 140 characters. What a relief for people who struggle to fill out a Match.com profile. And then you wait… Or, you look for singles in your geographic area. Again, we have 144 singles world wide, so if you don’t live in a large city, your odds of finding somebody are pretty low – and we are not even talking about finding somebody who’s ideas of a first date are compatible with yours.

But what if you already have somebody in mind, and you need to find out if that person is single? You no longer have to hide in the trees in front of your target’s living room to find out if they are in a relationship, Radaroo can help there too: You can ask Radaroo to send an anonymous inquiry to the Twitter account in question. They use @kevinrose as an example on their “stalk this user” page. I wonder how many of these requests Kevin receives on an average day…

Amazingly, people actually reply to these requests, as shown in this screenshot:


So, we still don’t know if it works… I guess I have to put my investigative journalism hat on and post:


I’ll keep you updated…

31 May 2009

More Interactive Dynamic Stamps in Seven Easy Steps

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Please visit the same post on my business site. The comments are closed here, so if you want to comment, you have to head over to http://khkonsulting.com/2009/05/more-interactive-dynamic-stamps-in-seven-easy-steps/

A while ago I tried to create an interactive dynamic stamp in Acrobat. These are dynamic stamps (like for example a stamp that automatically puts the current date into a field that is part of the stamp), but with a UI component that pops up and queries the user for some information that also gets embedded as part of the stamp (e.g. a phone number or a name).

I was not very successful. I could not figure out how to make sure that the UI only gets triggered when the stamp gets applied, and not when the stamp file gets loaded by Acrobat.

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