20 Nov 2016

Halcyon Yarn is 45 – And Is Letting Us Join the Birthday Fun

Posted by khk

And now for something completely different…

I don’t knit as much as I used to – embarrassingly enough, my current project is a sock that I started back in 2009 – but I do appreciate a well stocked yarn store. On a recent trip to Main, I had the chance to visit Halcyon’s store. For anybody who enjoys some high quality fibers (and I am not talking Metamucil here), this is quite an experience (forget WEBS, Halcyon is the place to be).

Close-up of fabric on a loom

I just learned that they are celebrating their 45’s birthday, and having a giveaway for that occasion. If you want to win a $450 shopping trip at their store, check out the Halcyon Yarn’s 45th Sweepstakes page: https://gleam.io/cwiwa/45th-anniversary-give-away

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