18 Feb 2010

Cat On Laptop

Posted by khk

It’s been a while… My last post was a long time ago. I my defense, I’ve been working on a project, and that took up a lot of time. Now that that’s done, I may just post to my blog every now and then…

Let’s start with something simple… Cats and laptops. Here are a few pictures of my cat that I’ve taken over the last few months.

My Turn!
You don't want to use this?!?
If The Sun's Not Shining, This Has To Do...
Mmmh... Warm!

The last picture is the prelude to the next picture – a while after I took the previous picture I needed my laptop again. Here is what I found on the screen:

The Cat Selected That

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2 Responses to “Cat On Laptop”

  1. Silly cat. Doesn’t he know he can’t play with computer mice or touch pads? I’m sure he likes the warmth of computer and how the keyboard conforms to his body as he rolls over it. LOL 😉


    MIchele Heine

  2. Oh, the things pets will do to get on-line! Tell us, is it true you once lost a Sony Vaio under the kitty?



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