3 Aug 2009

Is Microsoft Behind This?!?

Posted by khk

Amazon.com sent me an email yesterday, informing me that Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is available for pre-order. Because I have more than one Mac, I’m of course interested in the family pack for up to five computers. When I visited the page on Amazon, I was surprised to see what customers bought after visiting that page:


That looks very suspicious… My first thought was that Microsoft might be behind that, doing some “optimization” behind Amazon’s back. Just to be sure that it was not just a fluke, I visited the site again today, and the numbers are still the same.

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3 Responses to “Is Microsoft Behind This?!?”

  1. Karl-

    Noticed your tweet about this. It is highly possible, but I would also consider if it’s feasible for any company to have a bunch of people buy their own product, just to show it in a ranking system after having purchased their competitor product? I know that Microsoft would need to have the latest Mac Operating system, since they made products for us, but I’m not sure they would go to this extent. I, however, would probably consider that people are buy both platforms now (I’ve considered it when I get an intel based Mac) that you’re able to run Windows much more reasonably on a Mac operating system thanks to crossover products like Bootcamp and VMWare Fusion. Given that we’re on the Intel platform now (I’m a mac user too, but I’m still on a PPC machine) running Windows is a heck of a lot more viable then when virtualization software of yester-year had to virtualize the processor as well.


    Andre Sanders

  2. What I found odd is that just moments after Amazon sent out the info about the pre-order opportunity there are already a number of people buying Windows after going to that page. I am not saying that MS is behind it, but it raises questions… Thanks for the comment.



  3. Fortunately Cupertino is defending themselves against the evil Redmonders : Amazon says 38% of people looking at Windows 7 end up buying OSX10.6. And that’s just Windows 7 Ultimate, look at Professional and the gazillion other versions M$ puts out: they show similar (but not the same!) numbers.

    Q: If 1/3 of people that look for Windows buy OSX and 4/5 of people that look at OSX buy Win7, how many apples did Karl buy?


    Erik E

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