6 Jun 2009

Can You Find Love On Twitter?

Posted by khk

Have you heard about Radaroo.com? It’s a dating service on Twitter. They’ve been on Twitter for almost two months now, so it’s time to check how successful they are. Unfortunately they don’t offer any statistics about how many first dates/relationships/breakups/marriages they’ve “caused”, but at least we know that currently 144 singles are signed up – that’s world wide.

I guess the chances that you will find a compatible date on Twitter are pretty slim, at least if you are using Radaroo.

The idea is pretty straight forward: You post a short description of yourself, including what you are looking for and ideas for the first date. Remember, we are on Twitter, so this all has to happen within 140 characters. What a relief for people who struggle to fill out a Match.com profile. And then you wait… Or, you look for singles in your geographic area. Again, we have 144 singles world wide, so if you don’t live in a large city, your odds of finding somebody are pretty low – and we are not even talking about finding somebody who’s ideas of a first date are compatible with yours.

But what if you already have somebody in mind, and you need to find out if that person is single? You no longer have to hide in the trees in front of your target’s living room to find out if they are in a relationship, Radaroo can help there too: You can ask Radaroo to send an anonymous inquiry to the Twitter account in question. They use @kevinrose as an example on their “stalk this user” page. I wonder how many of these requests Kevin receives on an average day…

Amazingly, people actually reply to these requests, as shown in this screenshot:


So, we still don’t know if it works… I guess I have to put my investigative journalism hat on and post:


I’ll keep you updated…

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6 Responses to “Can You Find Love On Twitter?”

  1. How come no comments?!?! This one made me LOL.



  2. I don’t know. I don’t have many single friends, and maybe this is a topic that people in relationships don’t want to comment on because they know they are just one breakup away of having to use desperate measures as well?!?



  3. I don’t know about singles but I find it VERY interesting how 140 characters would work in a marriage. Once you first meet there’s alot to twalk about. Today is my 9th wedding anniversary. 140 characters seems a bit much. We need a social media medium with just a thumbs up or down–that’s it. That way there’s no ambiguity



  4. No, no, no… I just won’t go there. Been there done that with Internet dating and met some great women ten years ago. It’s simply way too contrived. I think I will stay home and wait for her to knock on the door.


    Greg Taylor

  5. Would this be called a “tweet” market? 🙂

    (“Thanks, folks – I’ll be here all week….”)


    Chris Bigelow

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