24 Nov 2008

CRAFT Magazine Considered Junk Mail?

Posted by khk

I caught the end of NBC’s Weekend Today last Sunday morning. They were talking about being “green” in every room. When addressing the problem of junk mail, they showed the following stack of paper that contains at least two issues of Craft magazine… Craft (or Make) is definitely not considered junk in my house!


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2 Responses to “CRAFT Magazine Considered Junk Mail?”

  1. Is that sad, bad or what? My daughter would say horindus! Their is alot to be said about junk mail. I am wanting to start making paper but never ever use Craft (Make) magazine it is just to great to be in such a place as junk mail. In our home it is not junk mail it is great mail!


    Tammy Burton

  2. […] CRAFT: Volume 10 is the last one in print. Looks like people are no longer reading printed paper. Or, maybe too many of the CRAFT issues landed on the junk mail pile… […]


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