4 Jul 2008


Posted by khk

I am using Google Apps For Your Domain (GAFYD) for – among other things – my email. Google’s SPAM filter is pretty good, but I used to go through the messages in my SPAM folder occasionally, and every now and then I would pull out a message that was incorrectly identified as SPAM… I don’t do that anymore. So, if you sent me something and have not received a reply, chances are that your message got lost in SPAM.

Why do I no longer look for ham in spam? Because it got too overwhelming. Google keeps a month worth of messages in the SPAM folder, anything older than a month gets deleted automatically. Up until yesterday I had 14000 SPAM messages. Today the count dropped to a bit over 8000. This means that about a month ago I received 6000 SPAM emails in about a day – oh man was I looking back to the good old days of only 300 SPAMs a day. The reason for that was that somebody used my my email address and my domain as the “From” address for a ton of SPAM, and a lot of mail servers out there still send out messages that are trying to tell the sender “your message got classified as spam” or “the user you tried to spam does unfortunately no longer exit”… And all these messages ended up in my mailbox.

This was not the first time that happened, and I’m just too tired of going through these messages and trying to find the needle in the spam stack.

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