19 May 2008


Posted by khk

Homemade Yogurt

Plain yogurt has a bad rap… It’s not sweet, it does not have any additional flavor added, and it just tastes plain…

Have you ever tried good yogurt? It’s definitely not plain. It has all the flavor it needs, and if you add some fruit and granola, it’s the best breakfast ever!

So, how do you get to try good yogurt? You make it yourself of course. This way, you know exactly what went into it, and it also makes sure that you can actually pronounce all the ingredients.

There is a guy on the Internet who seems to be the expert on all things cheese: David B. Fankhauser has a “Cheese Page“. This guy is a Professor of Biology and Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College – so I guess he knows his bacteria. Among other things, he has a recipe for yogurt that actually works.

I use Stonyfield fat free organic plain yogurt as starter (one 6oz cup per gallon of milk), 1% organic milk, and a styrofoam box from Omaha Steaks as my incubation chamber.

I’ve tried several different kinds of milk, and my experience is that ultra-pasteurized milk has a strange after taste, so I only used pasteurized milk.

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6 Responses to “Yogurt”

  1. We love making yogurt as well – it is so easy and so good. I like the photo you used for this piece!


    chez us

  2. I love plain yogurt. (Whole milk though.) You definitely made the right choice in banning the ulta-pasteurized stuff, I wouldn’t reccommend that for anything. It severly denatures the proteins in the milk. Check out http://www.westonaprice.org/motherlinda/ultra-pasteurizedmilk.html


    Sarah Jones

  3. I notice that you have your yogurt in canning jars. Is this because it is canned ie. as in tomatoes or is it just because it is held in jars for convenience.

    What I am wondering is how long the shelf life is and are you keeping it in a cold dry space, refrigerated or what. Can it be kept outside the fridge? For how long, etc.?



  4. Hi Duchess,

    I’m using Mason jars because they are convenient. They are glass, so I can run them through my dish washer’s “sanitize” cycle before, the lids screw on, so it’s easy to open them and close them again, and
    it’s not plastic, so I don’t have to worry about softeners and other nasty stuff in my yogurt.

    I keep them in the fridge (just like any other yogurt), and I usually make enough for four weeks. So, I know that it keeps at least for four weeks. I would not go much past that, but I really don’t have any

    Does that answer your questions?



  5. Well, I am addicted to yogurts made at home. I usually do it once a week. Your yogurt pots are lovely 🙂 Mine came with the yogurt maker.



  6. […] can find the recipe on their web site too – no need to buy some yogurt (just in case you are making your own), even though their yogurt is the best I’ve found this side of the […]


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