10 May 2008

RIT’s Big Shot 2008

Posted by khk

For the 24th time RIT did it’s Big Shot a couple of days ago – at Schoen Place in Pittsford. And for the very first time, I took part in it with my two strobes. The result is online at RIT’s Big Shot page. And of course, in this day of age, an event did not happen unless it makes it to YouTube.

Here are a few pictures of the event:

Setting Up

Big Shot: Setting Up

The Early Birds

Big Shot: The Early Birds


Big Shot: Flashlight

Another Flashlight

Big Shot: Another Flashlight

Cameras, Cameras, Cameras

Big Shot: Cameras, Cameras, Cameras

The Finger

Big Shot: The Finger

Follow Me

Big Shot: Follow Me

We Are Ready

Big Shot: We are ready


Big Shot: Waiting

Almost there…

Big Shot: Almost there...

Sam Patch Leaving Port

Big Shot: Sam Patch Leaving Port

Sam Patch and Sky

Big Shot: Sam Patch and Sky

Not Yet

Big Shot: Not Yet

Are we there yet?

Big Shot: Are we there yet?

Wasting Batteries

Big Shot: Wasting Batteries


Big Shot: NOW!!!

Blinded by the light…

Big Shot: Blinded by the light...

Move the lights!

Big Shot: Move the lights!


Big Shot: Flash!

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