25 Mar 2008

You Did WHAT?!?

Posted by khk

Yes, I put avocado on a cake… No, not in the form of guacamole, but as a (sweet) frosting. And no, it was not my idea. Alton Brown and his show Good Eats is responsible for this curious yet tasty experiment. In case you missed the show, the Good Eats Fan Page has the transcript of this show online, and the Food Network – of course – has the recipe for this tasty frosting available.

And yes, I know that it looks disgusting…


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3 Responses to “You Did WHAT?!?”

  1. But if you close your eyes and take a byte, will it taste good? Does it taste green?



  2. It is very tasty, and if you don’t know that it’s not “normal” frosting, you would not notice.



  3. I will admit that it doesn’t look very appetizing


    Michele Heine

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