2 Dec 2007


Posted by khk

Here is a tip: If you watch this movie, or even buy it (e.g. via this link: Helvetica), don’t tell your friends and colleagues… That is unless you work with people or hang out with people who are fontophiles or typographers or just like documentaries… Otherwise you will be in for some ridicule. I know, because I suffered through it.

Helvetica is a movie about much more than the font, it’s a history of typography and graphic design, and one more proof that people who work in highly creative jobs use Macs.

I missed the screening at RIT here in Rochester, so I pre-ordered the DVD. The pre-order version came with two buttons: “I hate Helvetica” and “I love Helvetica” 🙂

So far I’ve only watched the movie, I still have to watch the bonus material on the DVD (90 minutes extra material in addition to the 80 minutes movie). And I guess I just have to watch the movie again with German subtitles 🙂

And, yes, I do like the movie. It’s not as bloody as “No Country for Old Men”, but I guess that would have been different if the director wouldn’t have kept the Helvetica lovers away from the Helvetica haters…

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