11 Nov 2007

Can Takeout Containers Fly?

Posted by khk

What an interesting question… Half a year ago I would probably answered “No way!”, but that was before I found Carl Rankin’s site FlyingPuppets.org. Carl wrote a book about how to build a model airplane from styrofoam takeout containers and Target brand tape (plus a bunch of more typical RC “stuff” like an engine, transmitter, receiver, servos, …). The book is available for purchase on his site.

Here is a video of the first flight (thanks to Kevin for the commentary):

If you have a hard time finding the takeout containers – and you are not prepared to wait to finish 25 meals at your favorite local takeout place – You can order the containers at Reliable Paper. The RC “stuff” can be found at Tower Hobbies.After the first flight, I had to repair the nose section, my second flight lasted about 2 seconds, just long enough for the plane to be picked up and slammed into the ground by the wind (and required a new propeller and some serious nose repairs). After the third time I took the plane out, it required a nose transplant. Good thing the repairs only require more takeout containers 🙂

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