27 Oct 2007


Posted by khk

It was no secret… The Leopard got released into the wild last night (yes, I did get my T-shirt at the Apple store in Rochester, NY). There was a deluge of announcements over the last few days about Leopard compatibility of all sorts of software packages. It looks like most software companies were busy updating their packages to make them run under the new OS. There were a view “not quite done yet” – the most surprising from Apple about FileMaker, but in general, it’s looking good. The developers had access to prerelease builds over the last few months, so I kind of expected this.

I’m however not too happy with the news from Adobe: According to the PDF file they released yesterday, Acrobat “Requires update to 8.1.2 for full compatibility.
Expected to be available in English, French, German, and Japanese in late January 2008. Additional languages expected shortly thereafter.”

January??? You got to be kidding. Why are the other CS3 applications (at least the ones I care about) Leopard compatible, but Acrobat is not?

It would have been nice to at least have a list of what is working and what not. All I know is that Acrobat does come up.  The Adobe PDF printer did however not survive the upgrade to Leopard. I suspect that that’s the only problem. The rest of Acrobat is “just software”, the Adobe PDF printer does interface with the print subsystem, and is therefore more dependent on the operating system. I guess I have to wait…

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  1. […] Adobe’s Tom Hogarty posted an article about Lightroom 1.2. and Leopard. There are known problems and workarounds, and he lists the ones they know about. This is what I expected then to do for all their applications, and not just a “wait ’til January”… […]


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