25 Aug 2007

My Guitar Gently Weeps – about my GarageBand Problems

Posted by khk

See my original writeup for some background information.

I finally got an email response from an AppleCare Product Specialist. Unfortunately, the response was not very helpful: It looks like they are now ignoring my original problem and are spending too much time on my question about a workaround. They still have not acknowledged that this is a bug in GarageBand.

After I figured out what causes the problem (linking the GarageBand folder to a different hard disk), I asked if there was a mechanism to configure GarageBand with a different default folder. They told me that this is not possible and “So there is no fix for this and it is normal behavior.”

I have a hard time to accept that this is “normal behavior” – storing your data on a non-startup disk is something I’ve done for years (decades?) and even though it may not be a standard configuration, if every other feature of GarageBand works with my environment, Magic GarageBand should work as well.

Let’s just assume that this is another case of a “Product Specialist” filtering out too much information when relaying this information to an engineer.

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