20 Aug 2007

Finally – Canon Announces the EOS 40D

Posted by khk

I’ve been waiting for this for a loooong time – my EOS 300D can finally retire 🙂 I was ready to upgrade to a newer model about a year ago, the obvious choice would have been the 30D, but then I started to hear rumors about the 40D. And of course, I did not want to end up with last year’s model, so I waited and waited and waited. Then PMA ’07 came and went by without any word about the 40D. And then over the last few weeks, all signs pointed to am upcoming release: Today, Canon made it official. Calling this “highly anticipated” is probably the understatement of the year. Reports about it are coming in from all over the internet (e.g. The Digital Story report and Luminous Landscape) . Bob Atkins has the specs on his web page. It looks impressive – impressive enough for me to place a pre-order on Amazon.com.

I already have the 28-135mm lens, so it does not make sense for me to buy the kit, which is a pretty good deal: $200 for a lens that costs much more.

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