2 Jun 2007

Just Finished my First Online Backup

Posted by khk

I used Mozy’s free 2GB backup solution for a while – mostly for “normal” documents. With 2GB, it’s not really feasible to store images. I tried a few, just to see how cumbersome/time consuming/resource hogging it would be. At the end it turned out to be really simple. Because I’m working on a Mac, I have to use their beta software, which was not a problem at all. After playing around with the system for a while, I decided that it’s worth to actually spend the money to sign up for an unlimited account.

I don’t exactly remember when I started my backup, but it just finished. 40GB of data (mostly images), now stored safe and easily accessible on Mozy’s server.

To make things more secure, I’m using my own passkey. This means that not even the Mozy staff can look at my data (that is, they can look, but they will not be able to actually see or read anything).

It’s well worth the money for the “peace of mind” – that’s their slogan 🙂 I am one happy customer. If you want to give it a try, here is the link:

Peace of Mind – Only $4.95/Month! Get Mozy Unlimited Online Backup.

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